Our Device

SkinScan 650 was developed to help doctors diagnose melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers accurately and at an early stage. The system is painless, non-invasive and uses visual and infrared optical signals simultaneously to diagnose the scanned tumors, lesions and cancers.
Our device uses spectral reflectance technology to diagnose the scanned lesions. This technology is based on the fact that the human body absorbs and reflects the light surrounding us.

As every person’s skin is unique, the diagnosing physician calibrates the device to the specific patient’s skin. This calibration takes around 30 seconds. Once calibrated, the diagnosing physician places the device close to the nevus to be scanned, and illuminates the nevus with a fiber optic. The light rays reflected from the scanned body send signals back to the device. These signals are then collected and analyzed using a set of propriety algorithms to recognize and define lesion patterns. SkinScan 650 works with all skin types and skin pigmentation.

The major advantage of SkinScan 650 is that it needs only the information gathered from the lesion being examined on the skin of the diagnosed patient. This means SkinScan 650 can define benign and malignant lesions and non-melanoma skin cancers on the spot.

We have completed development of the first stage of our product and will soon begin the process of obtaining CE and FDA certification. We plan to launch SkinScan 650 commercially in the United States and other major world markets.