Clinical Trials

The patients taking part in the trials had already been diagnosed by a physician who said they needed a biopsy.

The patient arrived for the biopsy and was screened once more by the operating surgeon. The patient was then referred to SkinScan 650, without any diagnosis, for screening.

Following the screening by the system the patient entered surgery.
The results of the systems’ screening were matched with the biopsy results a couple of weeks later.
Our clinical trials of 128 scanned nevi demonstrated a 92.4% accuracy in diagnosing skin cancer. These results are significantly higher than the 75% accuracy achieved by an experienced physician and 65% accuracy achieved by a general practitioner

SCS is planning additional clinical trials to demonstrate the potential of the SkinScan 650 to improve patient care for diagnosing cancer. We expect the results of these trials to be published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at scientific and medical meetings.