Professor Nathan Blaunstein, MSc, DSc, PhD., Scientific Advisory Board Member

Professor Blaunstein is Professor of the Department of Information Systems Engineering, at Ben-Gurion University, Israel. Blaunstein is a recognized expert in Wireless Cellular. He is also  a recognized expert in radio wave propagation, diffraction. Prof. Blaunstein has authored more than ten books and over 150 articles in scientific journals, and conference papers. He has also registered three patents in radio propagation, communication, information science and geophysics. Prof. Blaunstein is an advisor to leading companies in Israel’s high tech industry.

He is  also accredited for:

- Best Paper Award in Journal of Communications and Networks

- Who is Who in Science and Engineering in the World (2000-2001)

- Who is Who in the World (2000-2001)

- Leonardo Da’Vinchi Prize as a Best Intellectual in the 21st Century

- Silver Medal of 2000 Best Intellectuals in the 21st Century